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At Prosper Nutrition,
We Get It!

It feels awful when you feel like you can’t live the life you want to live because you can’t reach your health goals. We’ve been there.

If you’re like we were and like many others, you’re frustrated feeling like you’re wasting time and money going down the wrong paths. 

You’ve likely wondered if there was anything that could actually help you reach your health goals and get more out of life.

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Prosper Nutrition Was Founded by The Steeves Family

They know firsthand what it feels like to face debilitating health setbacks:

In 1983, Stephen Steeves was diagnosed by two orthopedic surgeons with a rare form of crippling arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Instead of accepting traditional medical therapies, and a diagnosis that would challenge their family’s lifestyle forever, the family chose to educate themselves on ways to seek another way to achieve prosperous health. 

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Stephen Steeves


With his family by his side, Steve began to seek knowledge about natural health and healing, refused to just believe and accept what he was told, and instead took responsibility for his own health.

Steve discovered that when he gave his body what it needed--mentally, spiritually, and physically--to function at its best, he was able to be in good health, as God intended.

Today Stephen is free from the crippling pain of arthritis!

Because of the extraordinary transformation, Steve experienced, the whole family wants to share that knowledge with others. Steve even became a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Traditional Naturopath, and a Naturopathic Doctor.

They want to help others achieve prosperous health without having to endure an intense process of education like Steve did.

One of the aspects of Steve’s healing that took the most research was the supplementation aspect.

It’s clear the body needs certain combinations of supplements, but more importantly, needs the supplements to be as pure as possible.

So, Prosperous Nutrition provides people with evidence-backed supplements with transparent labeling they can trust and result-focused professional guidance, so they can have a simplified way to optimize their health.

It’s Easy to Take Control of Your Health:

1. Get Your Plan

Take the free health assessment to get your Personalized Prosper Nutrition Health Plan.

2. Follow the Guidance

Take the supplements and follow the direction of Prosper Nutrition’s health professionals.

3. Own Your Health

Feel the excitement of knowing you’re on the right path to finally achieving better health.
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Get Your Plan and The Supplements You Need so You Can Start Reaching Your Health Goals!

We believe everyone is created to enjoy good health and you should be able to feel supported in your efforts to achieve it.

We help you STOP wasting time and money on the wrong paths, and instead, have evidence-based supplements and personalized results-focused plans so you can start living with more prosperous health like you were meant to live.